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Trent. Dave. Josh…et all - magic.

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Just won a Mimco black fedora on eBay for $20!!

Now to save up and find the perfect pork pie hat…

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Just gonna leave this here…

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Triple J Unearthed:

Just some photos recently uploaded on my band Mirella’s Inferno’s twitter! []

1. Home Sweet Home

Our studio! King Sound Studios in Chippendale! Love, love, love this place!

2. Mini Synth

This Korg Monotron is a mini synth our darling producer Danny has lent me…I LOVE IT! I must buy my own ASAP!

3. Raining on Rehearsal

Yup. Sydney was pretty dreary today. This is the view from our studio…


Check out our dear friend Joplin []He plays some sweet wub wub tracks, and here is a picture of one of his awesome vocoder synths!

5. Happy Birthday Sudeep!

Happy Birthday to our resident King of the KeysSudeep!

THANK YOU for all the support to everyone who donated and spread the word about my Million Paws Walk Cause!!

My beautiful boy JD and I made our target of $500!! You’re all still welcome to donate/share this post though to ensure all animals are getting the good lives they deserve!

We’re off to the Homebush Million Paws Walk soon, we can’t wait!

Carpe diem.

Note to Self

Find a black fringe Western-style jacket that is affordable!

My afternoon.

Practiced my Purdie shuffle, some jazz comping and some gospel chops.

Fun times.

I need to get $275 to get to the Inaugural Sea Eagles Diabetes Ball!

But with saving for a car and a trip to Europe amongst a number of other things, I dunno how the hell I’m gonna get a ticket.

Hmmm I may just have to figure out how to work there haha…